canada express entry program

The attainment of Permanent Residency (PR) Status of Canada has become relatively easier and faster than before because of the Express Entry Program launched by the government of Canada in 2015.

What is Express Entry Program?

Express Entry is a federal selection system which aims to bridge the gap of skilled workforce in Canada by inviting young and skilled people in Canada. It is a fast track model in which applications are filled online and the candidate is evaluated on the basis of point measurement which is calculated through the tool of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The most important criteria for immigration through the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), which is a sub category under the Express Entry program, is that the candidate should be skilled and capable. The eligibility is calculated on the point measurement basis in which those candidates who score 67 points or above are considered fit for immigration.


The CRS tool calculates the points of the candidate on the basis of following parameters –

  • Age – There is no defined age limit for immigrating to Canada but being between 18 – 35 years is considered an ideal age
  • Language Proficiency – Canada places huge importance on the language proficiency thus those who can speak French are allotted extra marks and preference. Further the English proficiency is also tested through IELTS examination and higher the candidate scores in IELTS, better is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points score. Moreover, the knowledge of French language can help the candidate secure extra point
  • Education – Higher the education better is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points score. A good education never goes to waste and it is your added advantage at the time of immigration as well.
  • Work Experience – Having skill and talent on your side can not only guarantee you a job in Canada but also help you immigrate. High work experience works positively for your candidature for the PR status.
  • Adaptability – Having a sibling / spouse in Canada is of added advantage for you as it allots you with extra points.
  • Arranged employment – There are extra points allotted to a candidate who has a job offer from an employer in Canada.


Benefits of Express Entry Program

  • The comprehensive ranking system makes it easier for the employers also to evaluate the candidates, when they are considering the candidate for a job.
  • It has made the screening time of the application faster and convenient than before.
  • It is federal system thus the candidate is free to settle anywhere in the country
  • After being selected the candidates can directly apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) status.


Although the Canada immigration process has become easier and convenient than before it is important that the candidate hires a good and reputable immigration service. This will help the aspiring candidate have hassle free immigration and the risk of rejection of the application can also be avoided. Some good immigration service offers additional services like IELTS guidance and job Consultancy thus a smart candidate should evaluate the options and choose the immigration service after proper research and analysis only.



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