Find out why the Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) list is popular?

Recently, a lot of changes have been introduced by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) in the way people have been immigrating to Canada. The year 2016 was a breakthrough year as the Express Entry ranking system witnessed an update in which number of points for the arranged employment were reduced and it included a labor market impact assessment. The result of this was 550 points on the express entry score for the candidates with LMIA based employment. These changes have also made Provincial Nomination Program(PNP) a very lucrative factor when someone is using Express entry for Canada Immigration.


Why has Canada Provincial Nomination Program(PNP) gained prominence over the years?

Provincial Nomination Program(PNP) has given itself wings by attaching itself to the express entry system. This has been a lucrative advantage for the Provincial Nomination System of selection as the province can select the candidate which meets the labour market requirement from the Express Entry pool itself. There are also provisions provided for provincial nomination by directly applying to the province as well.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) list thus offers two models to select the candidate for immigration to Canada –


  1. Express Entry Link
  2. Non- Express Entry link


Here, the candidate should remember that the province of Quebec is not included in the Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) list and the candidate who wishes to immigrate and settle in Quebec should apply for the province on its own.


What are the chances of getting a Provincial Nomination for a score below 400 in the Express Entry points calculator?

If you have less than 400 points in the express entry points calculator system, then Provincial Nomination Program(PNP) is the best option for you to immigrate to Canada.  Under this system, every province has its own eligibility criteria which is based on the occupation in demand and labour market requirement. Thus, the candidate will have to meet the required standards of the province to which he / she wants to immigrate.

Rest, if we are evaluating the demands and requirements of Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) list then it is important to note that every province will have its own set of requirement and they will be effected by how popular and in demand the selected province is at the present moment. For, a province like British Columbia or Alberta, a job letter from a Canadian employer can work in the advantage of the candidate. Basic language proficiency, education and work experience are the set requirements which generally all the provinces ask for from the candidates. But, the provinces like Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia are slightly lenient as they don’t require a high IELTS score for immigration or an offer letter from a Canadian employer for immigration. These are very good provinces for people who have no connection in Canada and have never immigrated to the country.

Also, remember there are 12 provinces in Canada and which province is suitable for which candidate will also depend on the individual’s skills, talent and personality. Canada is a vast ocean of opportunities and the shells that you pick from that ocean are a reflection of what you in seek in life and what are your hidden parameters that define success.  Hence, an outside professional help can be the biggest saving grace for few candidates who find themselves at a loss after learning about the different options available to them for Canada immigration.


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