The Express Entry program offers multiple immigration pathways to applicants depending upon their particular attributes. One of the most popular streams for immigration as Canada PR is the Federal Skilled Worker or FSW. This stream is meant for all kinds of applicants who want to move to Canada and take up important professional positions in the Canadian economy.

However, since there are applicants making submissions from all over the world, the competition is very though. The number of ITAs or Invitation to Apply documents are limited and so, only the very best and most eligible applicants can get selected. But this does not mean that you should not apply. In fact, with the right guidance and profile attributes, you can guarantee your selection.

Before we explain how we can help you achieve you Canada immigration dream for the lowest possible cost, let us tell you about the FSW stream itself.

How Does the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Stream Work?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed to sort out the best candidates for immigration based on some highly specific factors. These are:

  1. Age

Age is the first and foremost criteria that are required by your Express Entry profile. The ideal time to apply is between the ages of 26 to 32. This is the point at which you can have a good age score as well as enough educational qualification and work experience points to make the best Canada PR immigration application.

  1. Language Ability

Language ability plays a major role in not just determining your eligibility for immigration but also for deciding your ability to work effectively in Canada. For most Indians, having a good IELTS score of about band 7 or higher is going enough. But there is a lot more to Canada immigration than just clearing the minimum requirement. Our language training ability experts can help you understand how you can not only maximize your language ability CRS score but also achieve professional success. For more information on our IELTS and professional language training services, click here.

  1. Educational Qualification

While it is no longer mandatory to have a job offer to immigrate to Canada as a PR, it is still the best way to go. For FSW applicants, this can be a guarantee that they can start their life in Canada on the best note. Educational qualifications play a huge role in this area. Generally speaking, having a master’s degree is the best way to achieve a respectable CRS score in this category. Although you only need a bachelor’s degree to become eligible, for the sake of getting selected, for job opportunities and long-term career growth, having a master’s is a better option.

  1. Work Experience

Work experience is a core attribute that is worth a lot of points. However, your work experience will compete with your age factor and so, it is best to apply for Canada PR once you have about 3 to 5 years of job experience. This will get you the best of both worlds and keep your CRS score as high as possible. Also, having up to 5 years of work experience keeps you flexible enough to accept slightly lower level jobs than you were working at in India. Many extensively experienced Canada immigration applicants have issues with this and so, have a harder time finding a job which they can work with satisfaction.

  1. Other Factors

Aside from the four core factors mentioned above, there are several minor additional factors like language ability in French, the CRS score of spouse in case of couple applications, relatives living in Canada etc. All of these are factored in to derive the score for any Express Entry FSW profile.

How Can Nationwide Immigration Help You Apply for Canada PR Through FSW Stream?

Nationwide Immigration is one of the most reputed Canada immigration consultancies in India. We have been a part of this industry for 11 years and have a 100% placement record so far. We strive for excellence and this is reflected in our record.

We are also one of the few Canada immigration consultancies to offer post-immigration services. Through our offices in Canada, we can help you establish yourself firmly and also give you the perfect start to your dream life. We will help you find accommodation as per your needs and budget, clear all the certifications and regulations, and perform any other tasks that you will require.

Further, we have a very friendly refund policy in the next to impossible situation if your Canada immigration application is rejected. We also offer this guarantee on legally binding contracts to ensure your money is being well-spent.

If you wish to get the best Canada immigration guidance and help, then contact us now!


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