Canada has issued Express Entry draws at regular intervals this year. Owing to the multi-year immigration plan, the number of ITAs or Invitation to Apply documents has also increased significantly. In the last Express Entry draw, a total of 3,900 ITAs were issued.

This is the highest number of ITAs issued in any single Express Entry draw made so far. Also, the number of ITAs has been the same over the past 3 Draws. This means that the CIC is looking to increase its ITA count regularly.

With these developments, there is a lot of talk about what the next Express Entry Draw is going to bring. There are arguments for all opinions and this can be confusing to many. That is why we decided to speak to our trusted Canada immigration experts and understand what they expect from the next Express Entry Draw.

What Can We Expect from the Next Express Entry Draw?

The Express Entry Draw is the main tool the CIC uses to declare invited applicants for immigration to Canada. That is why it has a lot of significance. There are two main factors that are to be considered in every draw – the CRS cut-off and the number of ITAs issued. Another important factor is the immigration goal set by the CIC for each year.

At present, under the multi-year immigration plan, the CIC plans to get 525,000 skilled workers into Canada each year. So, the CIC will need to increase its draw ITA size for each draw to meet this requirement. For this year, the ITA limit was set at above 70,000. The good news is that the CIC has already reached this number. With two months and potentially 4 draws left to go, it is very likely that the CIC will expand its ITA count to cover more industries.

However, there is some disagreement among experts as to how the CIC will handle the next draws. Let us explain the two most prominent and important perspectives on the next Canada Express Entry Draw.

Prediction #1

Canada has been surging forward with the new multi-year immigration plan. So far, things have been positive and there is a growing need for skilled workers in Canada. Naturally, the CIC is going to expand its immigration criteria and might even consider making specialized draws for specific industries.

This means that the number of ITAs issued in every Draw will either remain at the same level or be increased. In both cases, the chances of immigration for applicants have grown bigger than ever. So, now would be the best time to get the PR visa application going.

With that said, it would also be wise to keep the CRS score well above 440. While an applicant might be able to get selected for immigration by just crossing the 440 mark, the number of ITAs is limited. This means that it is quite possible to get left out even if the applicant qualified.

For those who do not have a good enough score to qualify for an ITA at the moment, this is a good chance to improve their score. Retaking an IELTS exam is the easiest way to improve a CRS score. However, it does take a few months to get the document. So, it is a good idea to start now.

Alternatively, if an applicant wants to improve their educational qualification, getting a diploma or even a degree is a very smart move. Once the applicant has these documents, they will still be able to take advantage of the multi-year immigration program which will go on till 2020.

Prediction #2

The CIC is certainly looking to have more people immigrate. But that does not mean that it will keep issuing ITAs at the same level as before. Every year, there is a certain limit imposed on the number of ITAs that can be offered. While the CIC is not obliged to stay within this limit, it is quite possible that they will reduce the ITAs for all subsequent draws.

However, this does not mean that people should stop applying. Since it can take between 8 to 12 months just to get the process completed, those applying right now can expect to get their ITA by this time next year. This is also highly influenced by the quality of the documentation, so it is important to trust only reliable Canada immigration experts for the job.

How Should You Apply?

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