Express Entry is easily one of the most popular immigration programs in the world in 2018. Started in 2015, this program has revolutionized the way several developed countries approach their immigration policy.

Recognizing the need for talented professionals to be injected into the country’s booming economy, Canada has opened its doors to all who have the right mix of talent and experience. But things have not stopped just at establishing the most effective immigration program in the world.

Canada is constantly looking at its immigration policies and evolving them to provide better immigration options to professionals. At the start of 2018, Canada implemented its widely recognized multi-year immigration plan. This plan is meant to directly address the skill gap in the Canadian economy.

What Will the Multi-Year Plan Do?

As per the official declarations, this plan will be used to invite as many as 525,000 professionals into Canada by 2020. This makes it one of the largest programs for international recruitment that Canada has ever undertaken.

So far, the plan is turning out to be a positive success story. The CIC, which is Canada’s top immigration authority has consistently raised the number of ITAs it has issued while keeping the CRS cut-off at a reasonable level. This has allowed more and more people to get selected for Canada immigration.

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However, now even more people are applying for Canada PR and not everyone is going to get selected. This means that only those who have the right qualities, as well as the right professionals handling their profiles, will be able to achieve their Canada immigration dream.

How Can You Apply for Canada PR via Express Entry?

The basic idea behind Canada PR visa application via Express Entry is simple. You make an Express Entry profile online by providing specific details about yourself. Factors like age, education, language ability, work experience etc. will be considered and rated to generate a CRS score. Note that this will only be done after you submit the right documents in support of the above factors.

Once this has been done, your profile will be entered into the Express Entry job pool. This is a pool of registered recruiters from across Canada who are interested in importing professional talent. The Express Entry job pool allows both recruiters and job seekers to look for opportunities and apply for them. While getting a job for Canada immigration is no longer mandatory, it does help in many ways.

Are There Any Alternatives to the Express Entry Program?

The Express Entry program has a fairly high standard for letting people become eligible for application. Not everyone is able to clear the bar and so, they want to explore other alternatives through which they can get Canada PR visas.

The best alternative to Canada PR visa application via Express Entry is application through Provincial Nomination Programs. PNPs are popular because they offer much lower eligibility criteria for applying. This means that anyone who could not apply through Express Entry can apply using PNPs.

Also, PNPs are ideal for those who want to immigrate to a particular province. Having a PNP nomination will give you 600 points. Considering that the CRS cut-off is at 440, 600 points are more than enough to get you the PR visa you want.

The application process for PNPs is the same as with Express Entry. In fact, all PNP applications are ultimately also processed through the Express Entry. When making the Express Entry profile, applicants can indicate which province they would like to move to. This is a good idea, but more can be done to speed up the selection process.

Ideally, all applicants should apply for PNP separately after they have made their Express Entry profile. This helps to notify the provincial authorities about your interest in moving to that province and if you are the right candidate for their needs, then they will move quickly.

When making the PNP application, it is important to remember that they can take much longer than Express Entry. While on average, Express Entry selections can happen between 8 to 12 months, PNP nominations can take longer than that. However, getting the PNP is definitely worth the effort.

How can Nationwide Immigration Help My Canada PR visa Application?

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