Quebec is the latest Canadian province to start offering PNP nomination options to international PR applicants. The province was earlier not part of the Express Entry program and entertained its own immigration applications. However, a few months back, it became part of the Express Entry program like the other provinces.

The immigration application process for Quebec PNP nomination is very much like the other provinces. However, it has created separate requirements for single applicants and couples. Depending on the nature of your application, you will have to clear a certain benchmark in order to apply. In this post, we are going to discuss the entire application process and eligibility criteria for making the application itself. Let’s start.

What is the Quebec PNP Application Process?

  1. Express Entry Profile

Like we said earlier, Quebec processes its PNP applications through the Express Entry program. So, before you apply for Quebec PNP, you need to have an active Express Entry profile. To create this profile, you need to go to the Express Entry website and fill in the required details. Be careful about the information you provide. It needs to be verified with the required documents before it can be approved. Once you have filled in all the details, you need to submit the necessary documentation to verify the information.

To Calculate your Express Entry Points: CLICK HERE

  1. Express Entry Job Pool

All profiles which are approved on Express Entry are then entered into the job pool. This is a network of professional recruiters from all over Canada who are actively looking for skilled workers from abroad. While it is not mandatory for you to get a valid job offer, we highly recommend it because it will ensure your livelihood once you have immigrated. Having an active job offer also increases your overall CRS score.

  1. Quebec Immigration Profile

Now, you can only apply for Quebec PNP or the provincial nomination of any other region if your CRS score is below the latest cut-off set by the CIC. On average, the score hovers around 440 CRS points. If your score is below that, then you might be eligible to apply. However, there is another requirement that you need to fulfill before you can get selected for the Quebec PNP. You need to score at least 49 points in your profile if you are a single applicant or 57 points if you are applying with your spouse.

  1. PNP Nomination and ITA

If your score is high enough, you will be entered into the Quebec PNP applicants pool. Once there, your profile will be examined along with that of other applicants and the ones with the best attributes will be given the PNP nomination.  After you get your nomination, you will have to wait for the Express Entry Draws. These draws are held once every 15 days. Since you have the PNP you are guaranteed an ITA. Once you have this Invitation to Apply, you must apply for a Canada PR visa within 90 days. This will cost you around 550 CAD for the visa and 490 CAD for post-landing charges per person.

  1. Final Documentation

Now that you have your PR visa, you are ready to immigrate. But there are a few documents that you are going to need to get. These are the police clearance certificate and the medical clearance certificate. The first can be procured from your local police station. Please note that if you have visited any country before, then you need a clearance certificate from the police of that nation as well before you immigrate. This rule is applicable to all immigrants traveling with you as well. The medical clearance certificate can be secured at a designated medical institution as per the CIC. Go to the CIC website to check for any designated medical institution near you. This document will cost your Rs. 5 to 7000 per person. This document will also be directly sent to the CIC and will not be given to you.

So, as you can see, the Quebec PNP selection process is somewhat complicated. If you do not have experience or knowledge of this process and its minor details, then it is best to let experts handle your Canada PR visa application. This is where we come into the picture.

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