Alberta is a well-known province for immigration in Canada. Alberta PNP immigration is processed through the Express Entry program and requires two key requirements to be met. First, the applicant needs to score at least 67 points in the assessment grid.

Second, they will need to submit a valid job offer from a registered Alberta employer. Further, your job should be in demand as per the National Occupations Classification list. If an applicant can meet these requirements, they can apply for Albert PNP.

This was a very brief overview of the Alberta PNP application process. But there are many intimate details that you may not know about. Let us give you a detailed overall view of the AINP program and how you can use it to get selected for Canada PR visa.

Before we provide this stepwise guide, we highly recommend you speak to our Alberta immigration experts. They can provide you with specific details about your case and immigration chances such that you can make the best application. Get started on the perfect note with Nationwide Immigration. Fill out our free assessment form by clicking here!

What is the Stepwise Process for Alberta PNP Application?

The following is a general overview of Alberta PNP application and nomination. It will explain the key steps you need to follow to make a correct application:

  1. Express Entry Program

This is the first step in immigration to Canada through all PNP programs. Even though PNP applications are separate from Canada Express Entry, they are still processed through the Federal Program. So, before you apply for Alberta PNP, you need to create an Express Entry profile.

To create this profile, you need to start with fill out the Express Entry profile form. This form will ask you for personal details like age, language ability, educational qualification, work experience. Make sure you enter on the right details which can be verified by legitimate documents. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.

Also, it is important to keep in mind the exact documentation necessary to apply successfully. Language ability scores are based on IELTS and CLB results. Educational qualifications must be verified by getting an Educational Credential Assessment document from the World Education Services. There are other details about documentation that you should be familiar with as well. We recommend getting in touch with our Canada immigration experts for a complete overview of application requirements.

  1. Express Entry Job Pool

Once your Express Entry profile is approved, it will be entered into the Express Entry Job Pool. This pool can be used by professionals to apply for openings in Canada. If you have the right qualifications and experience, it is even possible that recruiters will approach you. But it is always better to look for the right job opportunities rather than wait for a recruiter to contact you.

Since having a valid job offer is critical for Alberta PNP application, we highly recommend making the best use of the Express Entry job pool. There are many tricks and methods through which you can attract the attention of the right recruiters and get selected for the right job. Our Canada job placements cell can be of great help to you in this area. We offer this service as part of our immigration package and you can check your immigration chances by filling out our free assessment Also, form now.

  1. Alberta PNP Application

Now that you have the Express Entry profile, you will know your CRS score. Your score needs to be below the latest Express Entry draw CRS cut-off for you to apply for any PNP. Also, make sure you have at least 67 points in the assessment grid before applying. As we said earlier, you will also need a job offer in hand when you are applying.

Now, you need to start with making the PNP profile. This profile will be used by the Alberta immigration authorities to consider your application. Follow the same process you followed for Express Entry and make the profile. Then, you must submit the required documentation. Alberta specifically requires your future employer to also submit Form 005 from their end to help process your application. At your end, you will need to submit Form 003 to forward your application.

Once you have performed all of these actions, your application will be entered into the Alberta PNP applicants pool. If it ranks among the leading profiles, you will be allotted a PNP nomination. On average, it can take between 12 to 15 months to get the PNP nomination. During this time, your documents must remain valid. So, it is important you should know the validity date for each document and make the application as soon as you can.

  1. Express Entry Draw, ITA Selection,and Immigration

Once you have the PNP, you must wait for the next Express Entry Draw. These draws are held once every 15 days. Since you have a PNP nomination, you will be guaranteed an ITA. This Invitation to Apply document will make you eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa. You must apply for the visa within 90 days of getting the ITA. Also, you will need to pay the visa fees and the post-landing fees.

In addition, you will need to get two documents before you board your flight to Canada. These are the police clearance and the medical clearance certificates. They usually cost between Rs. 5000 to 7000 and Rs. 1000 per person respectively. We highly recommend you speak to our Canada immigration experts to have a clear idea of this documentation process.  Once you have all the documents, you are ready to immigrate to Canada.

So, it is easy to see that the Alberta PNP application and Canada PR visa selection process can be complicated. If you are serious about moving to Alberta, then you should get professional help from reliable experts. This is where we come in.

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