Saskatchewan is a province which is rich in natural resources like minerals, oil, natural gas and potash and because of the abundance of these natural resources economy is booming. Plenty of jobs, reasonable cost of living and friendly communities make the Saskatchewan extremely popular destination for immigrants who want to move to Canada.

What are the ways to apply for permanent residence in Saskatchewan province?

Now there are mainly two ways via which the immigrants can immigrate to the province of Saskatchewan. First via the Federal government’s Express entry program and second is via the provincial nomination program of the Saskatchewan province. For immigrants applying via the express entry program, they need to show an expression of Interest (EOI) in their express profile and select the province – Saskatchewan they want to settle in. Then immigrants profile is then sent to the immigration office of Saskatchewan province for evaluation based on various eligibility or selection factors.

Second is via the provincial nomination program of the province – Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP). Like any other province in Canada, Saskatchewan province also has their own immigration program that allows them to nominate the highly skilled and capable immigrants to live and work in the province and help them in development of the province.

What are the basic sub-categories in SINP?

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) has following three sub-categories to facilitate the immigrants to apply under based on their skill-sets and the requirements of the province/sub-category:

  • International Skilled Worker Category: This Category is for immigrants who have education, skilled work experience, language proficiency or other abilities that helps in the development of the province. Now, there are three sub-categories:
    • Employment Offer Stream – This stream is for skilled workers with a job-offer from an eligible employer of the province.
    •  Occupation in-demand Stream – This stream is immigrants who have work experience in an occupation that is in-demand in the local labor market of the province. They do not need to have a job-offer from the province.
    • Express Entry Stream – This stream is in-line with express entry program of the federal government of Canada. Stream is for skilled workers that are in candidate express pool.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category: This category is for immigrants who want to settle and work in the Saskatchewan province as a permanent residence. There are also sub-categories and they are as follows:
    Existing Work Permit Sub-category – For candidates who have a valid work permit and have been employed in the province for 6 months.

    • Health Profession Sub-category – For internationally trained health professionals who must be employed in the province under a temporary work permit for 6 months or longer
    • Hospitality Sector Sub-category – For immigrants who are employed in the hospitality industry
    • Long Haul Truck Driver Sub-category – This stream is for foreign workers that are currently employed as truck drivers in the province and are looking for permanent residence in the province.
    • Student Sub-category – This stream enables the foreign students to graduate from a recognized post-secondary university or college in the province.

What is the eligibility for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)?

In order to apply for permanent residence in the Saskatchewan province, immigrants need to score minimum of 60 points out of 100 in the point’s assessment grid for Saskatchewan immigration program.

Selection Factors Maximum Points Awarded
Connection To the province and adaptability 30
Education and Training 23
Work Experience 15
Age 12
Language Ability 20


What are the different requirements for Immigrating to Saskatchewan province via express entry stream and occupation in-demand province?

Some of the basic requirements for immigrating to Saskatchewan province are as follows:

  • Must score at least 60 points out of 100 in point assessment grid for Saskatchewan immigration.
  • If presently residing in Canada, must provide with legal evidence for the same.
  • For express entry stream – Must have an express entry profile number and job seeker validation code.
  • Must provide proof for language proficiency in English via IELTS examination with minimum requirement of CLB 7. For occupation in-demand category minimum requirement of CLB 4.
  • Must have completed minimum 1 year of post-secondary education or training that is equivalent to the Canadian educational system.
  • Must have the minimum work experience related to the work of field or training that is categorized under NOC skill level O, A or B.
  • Must have the minimum one of the following in the field of education or training occupation:
    • 1 year of work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled profession.
    • 2 years of work experience in a skilled trades in the past five years.
    • 12 months work experience in Canada in past three years.
  • Need to provide with evidence for sufficient settlement funds along with a settlement plan.

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