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With H1B Visa and H4 visa becoming very difficult to get, Canada has become the fastest and safest plan B for most of the immigrants to settle. The hindrances and encumbrances with respect to the H1B visa are so profound that most of the people have even contemplated not to apply for the H1b visa at all.


What are some of the pitfalls of having a H1B visa?

 H1B visa is an employment bases non-immigrant visa of the United States of America. To apply for this visa, the candidate should have a job offer from an employer in the USA. There are only specific occupations for which the H1B visa is issued. Some of the loopholes with respect to this work permit visa which has reduced its popularity in the recent times are listed below:

  • With the H1B visa there is no assurance that the candidate will be allowed back each time he / she leaves the country.
  • Further, if the candidate is living close to the border then he / she will be constantly interrogated by the border patrol.
  • The passport and visa should be carried mandatorily at all times.
  • The candidate can only work with the current employer who is mentioned in the petition further the candidate cannot take up part time job or earn through any other route anywhere in the world.
  • Changing the jobs means a lot of paperwork and a minimum salary should always be maintained by the candidate.
  • Further the social security contribution made to the US government will never benefit the candidate
  • it is ok for the spouse to work but children are not allowed to work.

These are only few of the reasons which have made the candidates shift from United States of America to Canada.


 What are the reasons for choosing Canada?

Canada is one of the most receiving and friendly countries in the world, which welcomes candidates and provides warm reception to the immigrants. It always welcomes skilled candidates in its sphere, who can contribute positively to the economy of the country. It has everything that a first world country can offer from modernised infrastructure to high standard of living. The best to immigrate to Canada is with the Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada.  Some of the primed benefits of the five year long Permanent Residency (PR) are –

  • Health Insurance
  • Right to study, live and work in Canada
  • Protection against crime by the law under the charter 6 of the Canadian Law
  • Right to apply for the Canadian Citizenship after a period of three years.
  • Canadian Passport allows you to travel visa free in number of countries
  • Allows you to sponsor your relative in Canada.

Although, Immigration and resettling is a personal choice and the candidate should evaluate all the options while taking a decision there are some of the things that can require reconsideration when the candidate is taking such a major decision in his life.


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