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Canada is highly accepting of foreign nationals who are skilled in the craft and are seeking to live and work in Canada. It is one of the prime destinations for immigrants because of the friendly reception that is provided to the immigrants and good standard of living along with the modernized facilities in terms of education,healthcare, infrastructure etc. which are extended not only to the immigrants but also to his family members. The natural resources, the growth opportunities everything in the country is radiant and makes Canada one of the few first world countries who have lenient laws and policies for immigrants. There are work programs which will provide the candidate with the opportunity to immigrate immediately with temporary visas and gain employment but if you are looking for a long term settlement then the best to immigrate is with Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada.


Which is the best way for a Civil Engineer to immigrate to Canada?

If you are planning to work and settle in Canada, then don’t go for work permit or temporary visas. It is best to apply for permanent residency(PR) status as it will provide the candidate with the right to live, study and work in Canada and also provide free education, free healthcare and protection against crime under the Canadian Charter 6 of Rights and Freedom.

There are more than 60 programs through which a skilled professional can immigrate to Canada but the most convenient and popular programs are three – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

Out of these three program, Express Entry is the fastest way to immigrate in which the candidate can immigrate in 6 months time as well and it is also the most convenient way for the skilled candidates to immigrate. The evaluation of the candidates in this system is done on the point based measurement system and the selection is federal in nature thus providing the candidate with the right to live study and work anywhere in Canada through this program.


How easy or tough it is for a Civil Engineer from outside to get employed in Canada?

Remember, Canada is a very developed country with high class infrastructure and modernized facilities thus the requirements of the civil engineer will be very different from the ones that we have in countries like India. But the good part is that Civil Engineering is a field that is in the skill shortage field and there is a lot of demand for professionals in this area.

Normally, the applications for this post can filed under the Federal Skilled Workers program, the sub category of the Express Entry program and then the candidate can choose the province where the demand for the civil engineers is high like Ontario. Further, one thing that the candidate needs to remember is that in Canada, only professional engineer (P. Eng) is licensed and is allowed to practice engineering thereby taking full responsibility of the work done by him and also of others. This will include the signing and finalizing of design documents as well. All the unlicensed engineers will have to be supervised by the professional licensed engineers. It is only a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Residency(PR) Status holder who will be allowed to work as a professional engineer and get license.

If the candidate plans to settle and work in Quebec,then it is mandatory among everything else that the candidate should be able to speak and write the French language. The average salary of the Civil engineer in Canada is 1,40,000$ CAD and if the candidate is skilled and talented then depending on the caliber he / she can easily earn more than the average salary.


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