steps to immigrate to Quebec in 2019

Quebec province has their own immigration program that allows them to nominate the skilled and capable immigrants to live and work in the province – Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) or Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). Via this program, Quebec is able to meet the labor market demand in the province and help in the development of the province. QSWP allows the Quebec to identify immigrants that can be economically established in the province.

What are the different ways to apply for Permanent residence in Quebec province?

There are different portal that allows the highly skilled immigrants all over the world to apply for permanent residence in the Quebec province. Different portals provide the immigrants with different pathways and easier ways.

Some of the major portals for Quebec immigration are as follows:

Expression of Interest System – Via this system introduced on August, 2018, Quebec province was able to streamline the processing of the applications for the QSWP candidates. Candidates who are interested in moving to the Quebec province just have to declare their intention of doing so by creating their profile in the Quebec Expression of Interest Bank.

Arrima Portal – Quebec immigration ministry : Ministere de l’Immigration, de la Diversite et de I’Inclusion (MIDI) started accepting the application of the candidates applying for QSWP via the Arrima portal from September, 2018. Arrima portal is opened year-round and the immigrants who want to move to the Quebec via the QSWP just have to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) via creating a free profile in the Arrima portal.

Mon Projet Quebec – Candidates who are invited by the Quebec province under the QSWP and have shown their intention to live in the province, must use Mon Projet Quebec portal to submit their application. Via this portal, candidates are able to complete their application for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), make their payments online, follow their status of application, changes in their application etc.

What is the eligibility for applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) in 2019?

For candidates to be able to apply under the QSWP, they must be able to meet the eligibility criteria and fulfill the requirements set by the Quebec province.

In order to apply for permanent residence visa to the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), candidates first have to get the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Getting a CSQ show that the candidates has been chosen by the Quebec Immigration to settle in the province.

To be eligible for a CSQ, a single applicant must score at least 50 points in point assessment grid of the Quebec province and in case applicant is moving as a couple with their spouse or common-law partner they have to at least 59 points.

Quebec Point Assessment Grid 2019:

Factors Maximum points awarded
Educational Qualification 14
Area of Training 12
Valid Employment Offer 14
Work Experience 8
Age 16
Language Proficiency 22
Stay and Family in Quebec province 8
Spouse/Common-law partner characteristics 17
Accompanying Children 8
Financial Self-Sufficiency 1


What are the stages under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

Following are the stages that one has to encounter while applying for Quebec Immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program via the secure Mon Projet Quebec portal:

  • First candidate have to register their account on Mon Projet Quebec portal and submit all the required credentials like civil status information, educational qualification, work experience, family information and language proficiency for evaluation process by the province immigration office.
  • After creating the profile in Mon Projet Quebec portal, whenever the MIDI is ready to evaluate the candidates profile then they are provided with a document checklist. All the documents must be submitted to MIDI, via a mail within 90 days of receiving the checklist.
  • After submitting candidate’s application, it is then evaluated by the Quebec Immigration office – MIDI. On successful assessment of candidate’s application, they are issued the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  • In some cases, candidates can be called for an interview for further assessment of their application. If a candidate is summoned for an interview, they will be given a CSQ, after a successful interview.
  • Once a candidate gets the CSQ, they have to submit their application for permanent residence with document like civil status documents, police clearance certificates and federal government processing fees to the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
  • Candidate’s profile is then forwarded to Canadian Immigration Visa Office by the CIO for federal approval.
  • After federal approval, candidates are given the medical instructions for themselves and any accompanying family members to take their medical examination by any clinic/hospital that is recognized by the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • After successfully clearing the medical examination, candidate will be asked to submit their Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) and also the passport. If the candidate is from a visitor visa exempt country than they will not be required to submit their passport.
  • Final step is the Permanent Residence (PR) Visa


What are the application processing fees for QSWP in 2019?

Processing fees for application for candidates who have applied under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) for permanent residence in Quebec province are as follows:

  • Principal Applicant – CAD $798
  • Spouse/Common-law partner – CAD $171
  • Each dependent child – CAD $171

Time taken for application processing varies from case to case. Also it depends on the immigration officer under whom the application has been sent to be assessed.

Other than the skilled immigrants who want to settle in Quebec, there is also another program for international students. Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) provides a pathway for the international graduates with a Quebec diploma and immigrants with at least 12 months of skilled work experience in past 24 months. A major necessity to apply under this program is that the immigrant needs to have proficiency/advanced intermediate knowledge in French language.

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