Provincial nominations are one of the most effective ways of ensuring your selection for Canada immigration. These nominations are provided to applicants on the basis of specific attributes which provinces may find useful. Different provinces have different eligibility requirements as well as application processes.

Also, not everyone is going to be eligible for every province. So, the best thing to do is to seek professional guidance in making the right application. Now, let us take an overview of the PNP nomination process and how you can use it to ensure your immigration to Canada.

Who Should Apply for PNP Nomination?

Basically, PNP nominations are meant for those who cannot clear the 440 CRS score average that is required for Express Entry selection. There are plenty of people like that and so, provinces have their own immigration pathways.

Now, while there are multiple pathways like graduate streams and entrepreneur streams in various provinces, the most commonly used by Indians is the Occupation in demand stream. In fact, when anyone says PNP nomination application, what they mean is applications through OiD streams.

It is important to note that since PNP nominations are done on the basis of in-demand occupations, your job type needs to be in demand in the province. More specifically, it needs to be part of the National Occupations Classification or NOC list.

Generally, job types O, A,and B are most in demand. However, you should check out the NOC list for the province you want to see if your job type is in demand there. Also, some types of job might require licensing like lawyers, engineers etc. In such cases, you should find out about the licensing process and how you can get it.

How Is the PNP Application Process Done?

Provincial nominations are different for different provinces. They also have their own specific requirements which must be met. Here is a general overview of the minimum requirements for the most popular provinces in Canada:


Ontario is the most popular province for immigration in Canada. Unfortunately, because of this, it does not accept invitations directly. Instead, applicants can change their Express Entry profile such that they will be noticed by the OINP authorities. This can be a tricky and time-consuming process. So, if you are planning or wanting to move to Ontario, the best thing to do is to get professional help.


Among the easiest immigration provinces, Manitoba is a popular second choice for many applicants for Canada PR. This province also makes its own selections for who can apply for its PNP. So, you cannot directly apply for it, but you can change your Express Entry profile such that MPNP authorities take notice and send you an Expression of Interest.


Another popular choice for Canada PNP due to its easy eligibility requirements, Saskatchewan has an in-demand occupation based PNP process. So, your job type needs to be in demand in Canada and it needs to fall under either NOC O, A or B categories. Keep in mind that applicants for SINP are required to pay a non-refundable one-time evaluation fee of CAD300.

Prince Edward Island

A relatively new entry into the PNP market, Prince Edward Island processes all PNP applications via the Express Entry program. When making an application for Prince Edward PNP, the applicant will need to provide CAD300 to have their application processed. Unlike for other provinces we have mentioned above, Prince Edward Island does not need the applicant’s occupation to be in demand to consider the application.

Nova Scotia

This province is almost entirely based on a services economy and offers plenty of opportunity especially to management professionals. Normally, you will need to be working a job which has a NOC Category B listing to be eligible to apply for NSNP. Also, this occupation must be in demand at the time when the application is made and when it gets selected. So, you should check the specific NOC list of Nova Scotia when making the PNP application. Nova Scotia does not charge any application fee.

How Do I Make the Ideal Application for My PNP Nomination?

As we have explained, the PNP process varies for different provinces. To make a successful PNP nomination application, you need to know details of how and where to apply. This is where we at Nationwide Immigration can help you.

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