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Canada government has been very keen on inviting skilled immigrants to its country. There is a speculation that by the end of the year 2020, Canada is looking to invite 1,82,000 IT professionals in its domain as well. Thus there is a very prolific chance for these immigrants to settle in Canada and not just in IT domain but in all most proficient sectors Canada is looking for skilled immigrants to settle this the IRCC, governing body of Immigration to Canada has made the laws of immigration lenient and immigration process easier than before. In line with this process, the government of Canada introduced Express Entry program in the year 2015.

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Express Entry Program

In the Express Entry Program, the candidate is evaluated on the point based measurement. The individual is eligible to apply for Canadian the Permanent Residency (PR) Status after the point based evaluation find him suited after reaching the minimum points requirement. The points are calculated under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) on the basis of Age, Education, Language Proficiency, Adaptability, Arranged employment and Work Experience. The points for all these needs to be complied and submitted to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) through Express Entry Program.  The factors that affect the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score are:

  • Age – If you are between the age of 18 to 35 then you are eligible for maximum points. However, there is no upper age limit defined for Canada Immigration
  • Language Proficiency – The English language proficiency of the Candidate is tested through IELTS ( International English language Testing System) and CLB ( Canadian Language benchmark) examination. In IELTS scoring a high band allots you with more points. It will work in your advantage if minimum of 6 band is maintained in each category of reading, speaking, listening and writing.
  • Education – Higher education allots more points to a candidate. However, your degree should be from a recognized university so that your education status can be calculated at par with the Canadian examination board.
  • Work Experience – Canada is always on the lookout for skilled candidates thus having work experience especially in a field of high demand at a particular province can work positively in your advantage.
  • Adaptability – If there is some sibling of the candidate staying in Canada then the candidate is eligible for higher points.
  • Arranged Employment – it is good of the candidate has a job offer in hand from Canadian Employer and it can offer them good points for the immigration. But, don’t worry if you do not have a job offer in hand for immigration, a candidate can immigrate without the job offer in hand as well.

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The online processing of the Permanent Residency (PR) Status has made things convenient for the applicants as they can apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) Status from anywhere and can choose the best immigration service in the industry without worrying about their physical accessibility for the candidate. It is good to do some research about the organization before it is hired for the representation by the candidate. A good immigration service offers benefits such as IELTS guidance and Job consultancy as an additional service to the candidate.


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