The Quebec Skilled Workers Program(QSWP) is a selection system of the skilled candidates for the Quebec region only. This system of selection is called the Regular Skilled Workers Program (RSWP) as well. In 2016, a secure and safe place for the immigrants was introduced by the Quebec Government called the “Mon Projet Quebec” which is a portal that can be used by the aspiring candidates to apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) Status of the Quebec Region.

There are two stages of applying for the Quebec immigration – Skilled Workers Program:

  • Stage 1 – Under the application system of the Quebec region issues a selection certificate to the candidates who qualify the eligibility criteria for the Quebec Province. It is called Certificat de selection du Quebec(CSQ). Under this stage the criminal and police background check are two important categories.
  • Stage 2 – After the approval is sought from the Quebec government the approval from the federal government is important and it is only after the federal approval the candidate is fit to migrate.

How are the points for the CSQ (Certificate of selection of Quebec) calculated?

To migrate to Canada through this program it is important that the minimum point criteria is fulfilled by the candidate. A single applicant must score a minimum of 50 points based on this system and those candidates who are migrating with a spouse should score at least 59 points to be eligible.

The points demarcation for the category is as follows:

 Criteria Points
 Education Maximum 14 points
Area of Training Maximum 12 points
Work Experience Maximum 8 points
Age Maximum 16 points
Language Proficiency Maximum 22 points
Adaptability Maximum 8 points
Arranged Employment Maximum 10 points
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Also, the Quebec region places huge importance on the knowledge of the French thus the added advantage for the candidate lies in the knowledge of French language. There are many tests through which the proficiency in the French language can be established like –

  • Test d’Evaluation du Francias (TEF)
  • Test d’Evaluation du Francaisadapte pour le Quebec (TEFaQ)
  • Test de Connaissance du Francais( TCF)
  • Test de Connaissance du Francaispour le Quebec (TCFQ)
  • Diploma d’etudesen langue Francaise( DELF / DALF)

 Expenditure related to migration to Quebec region?

 There is expenditure involved in migration to Canada no matter which province one chooses for immigration purpose. The expenditure can vary based on whether the candidate is migrating alone or with the spouse. Some of the general demarcation of the expenditure needed for migration to the Quebec region is listed below:

Primary Candidate = 785 $ CAD

Secondary Candidate = 168 $ CAD

Dependent Child (under 22 years of age) = 168 $ CAD



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As a general estimate if only one person is migrating to Canada, Quebec region than the average amount that would be required for the basic expenditures is 3016 $ CAD. The amount can also vary based on the exchange rate changes.

When it is matter of your life and career it is wise if the candidate puts the best foot forward and hire a representative for the immigration process only after careful evaluation of the track record of the immigration service. To be aware of the additional services offered and the capability of your immigration service is the sign of a smart and aware candidate. Don’t value secondary aspects like physical accessibility of office or fee structure over the primary factor of the services offered by the immigration service.


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